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The NCC Education Campus is your global community for extra resources, networking and online learning. It will be a vital tool during your student life. It will assist you with programme information and offer assistance and advice through your whole cycle; including examinations, careers and coursework.



NCC Education has an official Facebook page, for all students around the globe to share ideas and be the first to view new articles posted onto ezine and find out about our latest competitions.


Why not follow us on Twitter aswell? Here you can gain an additional insight into the world of NCC Education. Here you can read interesting news updates, plus a selection of re-tweets from other relevant Twitter sites, including British Council, Education UK. You wont want to miss out! Create a Twitter account and start following NCC Education!

Your Campus Needs You


As mentioned above, we are currently running a competition available for all NCC Education students. This gives you the opportunity to share your stories with NCC Education's global community. You can share your travel stories, an insight into your daily activities, a review of your choice - maybe you've seen a great film and want to share it with us. All stories will be published in the 'Student Life' section of ezine. Take a look at some of the stories on there now.

What a great way to impress your friends, tutors and even future employers. How many people do you know who have one of their stories written on a student website?!

All stories will be published (subject to plagiarism checks and suitability), and all entries will be put into a prize draw. The winner will win an MP3 player, and receive a framed certificate. This draw will take place twice a year.

Please send any entries in to

My Campus Space


Want to network with your fellow NCC Education students? Share your study tips and stories with other NCC Education students from around the world. Now you have the chance to communicate with other NCC Education students. Write and upload a short biography; include your programme studied, centre details even your email address if you wish. You can upload a photo to see who you are sharing you information with. Follow this link.





These tutorials have been designed to ensure you get the most out of Campus.