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User and Cookies Agreement

User Agreement:


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NCC Education welcomes you as a student and affirms its commitment to provide you, in conjunction with its Accredited Partner Centres, with the highest levels of both academic tuition and pastoral care.  We pride ourselves on the diversity of our students in terms of gender, race, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation and do not tolerate discrimination or bullying in any form.

NCC Education and its Accredited Partners Centres have a contractual agreement to provide the qualification you have registered for. You, the student, have a contract with your Accredited Partner Centre.

As a student studying for an NCC Education qualification you are required to abide by all regulations laid down by both NCC Education and your Accredited Partner Centre.

If you breach the terms of this student contract, NCC Education has the right to take appropriate action against you.  If you believe the Accredited Partner Centre or NCC Education is in breach of the terms stated in the contract, you have the right to make an official complaint to the Head of Support Services and Assessments at


NCC Education undertakes to provide:


·         Annual monitoring of all Accredited Partner Centres to ensure that standards are maintained.

·         Confidentiality of all student records held by NCC Education under the UK Data Protection Act.

·         A stated complaints procedure.


NCC Education will not:

·         Refund any payment made by the Accredited Partner Centre on behalf of a student.

·         Accept registration of a student directly, without an Accredited Partner Centre.

·         Accept changes to a student record without confirmation being received from the Accredited Partner Centre.

·         Accept payment for a student’s registration directly (regional exceptions may occur).

·         Accept transfer or resit requests directly from a student.


The NCC Education Accredited Partner Centre will provide:

·         Information and guidance on NCC Education qualifications and the way they will be taught.

·         An introduction to the specified qualification and the relevant teaching methods.

·         Appropriate delivery of the qualification in a safe and suitable environment.

·         Tuition, supervision, support services, library facilities and IT facilities to the requisite standard.

·         An adequate supply of textbooks for all the NCC Education qualifications offered.

·         Pastoral care for all students where required.

·         Assistance to and consideration of students with disabilities wherever possible.

·         An assurance that the programme is delivered as stipulated, with a proviso that timetables, location or class sizes can be altered if necessary.

·         Advice to students of syllabus changes as early as possible.

·         Facilities and services for all students without discrimination.

·         Accurate information about the programmes it provides and facilities available.


A Student will:

·         Ensure he/she is fully informed about the programme before the registration process begins.

·         Make payment as prescribed by the Accredited Partner Centre by the due date.

·         Provide a personal, regularly used email address upon registration.

·         Ensure he/she visits the NCC Education Campus at regular intervals to view the information available.

·         Work diligently to the best of his/her ability and accept personal responsibility for learning.

·         Ask for help when it is needed.

·         Adapt to changes to the syllabus content as instructed by the Accredited Partner Centre.

·         Contact the Accredited Partner Centre regarding transfer requests.

·         Inform the Accredited Partner Centre in writing if he/she wishes to discontinue the programme.

·         Seek alternative Accredited Partner Centres if the one originally chosen discontinues the partnership with NCC Education.

·         Confirm in writing, using the Statement and Confirmation of Own Work form, that all assessments are his/her own work.

·         Not engage in plagiarism, either by using other people’s work or the Internet, to complete assignments.

·         Ensure his/her behaviour towards all Accredited Partner Centre staff and NCC Education staff is professional and appropriate.

·         Attend and participate in classes as required by the Accredited Partner Centre.

·         Return all property to the Accredited Partner Centre on completion of the programme.

·         Notify the Accredited Partner Centre of any changes in personal details such as name, address, email address etc.

·         Not use the NCC Education Campus for inappropriate, personal material.



Cookies Agreement


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